Decrying Anti-Asian Hate

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Advice, Resources, Tips | 0 comments

We have recently witnessed more abhorrent acts of hate and violence against members of our Asian American and Pacific Islander communities; acts that horrify us, anger us and underscore the centuries-long impact of the lie of White Supremacy on all of our lives.

A few days ago, as I was playing a game with my four-year-old involving a flashlight, she marveled, as only a toddler can, at how one little light could “make all the darkness in her room vanish!” Each of us can also be a light by using the power we have through our words and actions to stop this senseless anti-AAPI violence. We can all CARE:

C Call our AAPI friends, co-workers and neighbors to listen and lend support; offer to take walks with elderly AAPI friends and family or form groups of older kids to walk with younger AAPI kids to and from school.

A Attend upcoming virtual training events on April 5, 14, 29 by Asian Americans Advancing Justice and Hollaback! to learn how to be the kind of bystander who safely and effectively interrupts hateful acts; use our platforms and positions to call out and interrupt anti-AAPI bias, to ensure AAPI representation throughout our organizations, and to amplify AAPI voices.

R Read books and articles, listen to podcasts and TEDtalks, watch documentaries that help us and our children understand White Supremacy, Anti-racism and AAPI life and culture; that help us recognize racism in ourselves and others and become intentional about celebrating our common humanity. You can find great examples in these links:

E Engage meaningfully with the AAPI organizations, advocates, artists, thought leaders and authors. We can introduce their work to our children in age-appropriate ways, give monetary support, march, call political leaders, attend events, volunteer, follow on social media and spread the word; amplify them and stand with them as they work for the dignity and safety of all human beings.

In love and solidarity,
Petal and the PFTF Family