Parenting and the Storming of the Capitol

by | Jan 12, 2021 | Advice, Education, Tips | 0 comments

Following the deadly storming of the US Capitol last week, parents and teachers sought guidance and resources to help them support their children, many of whom were at home and could see the events unfold on their television and smart phone screens. By the next morning, several education non-profits, media houses and city and state education departments, had stepped up to provide lesson plans and other resources to help us help our children of all ages, process this horrific event. Links to some of these resources are below.

PFTF believes that parents and those with children in their lives must first truly understand the world if they are to help their children understand it and envision the role they can play in shaping the future. So, as you peruse resources to help your children, we invite you to read this elucidating and thought-provoking article on the attack on the Capitol by PFTF guest, Jeffrey D. Sachs in Project Syndicate. We hope it will help you deepen your own understanding of this event.

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