How to Triage Your Life in the Time of COVID-19: Lessons from the E.R.

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As Coronavirus infections and deaths continue to mount around the globe, so do our feelings of anxiety, worry and the sense that we have lost control of our lives in fundamental ways.

Yet, my conversation this week with mom and Yale- and Harvard-trained ER physician, Dr. Darria Long- Gillespie assures us that we can control much more than we realize; that we can do more than just survive the impacts of COVID-19, we can help ourselves and our families thrive!



And while we are on the topic of control, here is how one boy took control of the resources at his disposal to do his part to help health care professionals on the front lines of COVID-19. An inspiring example we can all follow:

Read: Nurses and doctors are posting photos of their faces bruised by masks. A boy stepped in to help. (Washington Post)

Stay safe and healthy!

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