Teaching our Teens to Find Their Passion

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Inspiration, Resources | 0 comments

As the Coronavirus sweeps the globe, it is having a microscopic effect—revealing for many the challenges we face as a human family; the very challenges we dissect and discuss on each episode of Parenting for the Future. The systemic racism in our societies. The stark disparities in the delivery of health care. The digital divide that deprives too many of our children of educational resources. The effects of centuries of greedy exploitation that have left so many countries handicapped in the face of this pandemic. 

But this is also a time of hope because this pandemic is also a springboard to looking at our world critically and, as we spend time at home with our children, we can explore with them what they (and we) can do to change things for the better. In that vein, I hope you will find helpful a piece that I have written for Your Teen Magazine (up on their website now) on how we can help our teens find their purpose. I hope that you find it inspiring! 

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