Quarantine Life: Ideas for making the most of family time

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Picks of the Week, Resources | 0 comments

Wherever you are in the world, you, like us at Parenting For The Future, are undoubtedly adjusting to the new normal. You may be working from home, helping your children go to school or keep up with their studies digitally, recalibrating your finances, strategizing to ensure food and essentials are available for the long haul or heading to work because your role is essential to keeping our healthcare and other systems up and running.

What is clear is that we all have similar needs. We need:

  • To get organized—about our time, spaces and activities
  • Creative ideas to keep our children active and engaged
  • To stay connected to loved ones in meaningful ways
  • To find time and space for self care and reflection
  • To keep our spirits up and be reminded that we have the power to change the world

Here are some suggestions and recommendations to make this uncertain, stressful time both fun and meaningful: