Petal’s Weekly Picks for Top Parenting for the Future Stories: Grannies for the Future, Fertility Preservation for Transgender and Non-Binary People, More Kids Want to Be YouTubers, Skate After School, 6 Life Lessons for Raising a Transgender Child, A Growing Child-Free By Choice Movement, Gov. Cuomo Signs Green New Deal, UK Activists and Lawmakers Revitalize Green New Deal.

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As climate change becomes more dire with each passing year, we are forced to look at its far reaching effects beyond those that are most obvious. This week, I learned how a growing movement of people are choosing not to have children in an effort to reduce their impact on our declining environment. In a powerful Buzzfeed essay, Ash Sanders explains her personal choice not to have children in order to help save our planet in peril. There was one small piece of good news this week on climate change when Gov. Cuomo signed New York’s Green New Deal into effect which promises aggressive action on climate change over the next several decades. And New York is not alone — a progressive think tank in the UK, backed by lawmakers, is proposing a Green New Deal to tackle the climate emergency.

Elsewhere this week I learned it’s never too late to do your civic duty as evidenced by Great-Granny Lisel Heise who was elected to city council at the age of 100. And on the flip side, more kids reportedly want to “grow up to be YouTubers and Vloggers” than anything else, and very few want to become astronauts, according to a LEGO survey conducted in commemoration of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Another important story that came across my desk this week shines a light on why so few transgender and non-binary people become parents, and how fertiltiy preservation is a reproductive right for all.

Lastly, one mom opens up and shares her powerful lessons on parenting her transgender child and the most critical things she’s learned along the way.

Here are my picks for the top Parenting for the Future stories this week:

Grannies for Future: 100-year-old German enters politics

German great-grandmother Lisel Heise was inspired to enter politics at the age of 100 after watching young activists take up various causes around her. With backing from her community, the former schoolteacher was elected to city council in her town of Kirchheimbolanden in southwestern Germany and is now excited to “right some wrongs,” she says.

Planning for the Future Fertility preservation for transgender people is a reproductive right

Research shows that relatively low numbers of transgender and non-binary people are parents — and one of several reasons may be due to legislative practices. Psychotherapist Damien Riggs, Ph.D., believes fertility preservation is a reproductive right for transgender and non-binary people, and is critical to ensuring reproductive justice for all who identify as such.

More kids want to be YouTubers than astronauts. That scares me

Writer Bianca Bujan became scared when she learned that three in 10 kids want to be a YouTuber or Vlogger when they grow up, according to a survey conducted by LEGO, and very few want to be an Astronaut.

Skate After School: How Skateboarding Can Change a Kid’s Life!

Using a bunch of old skateboards, the power of play and a supportive community, “Skate After School” is helping kids in underfunded schools around Phoenix, AZ learn valuable life skills while doing tricks on their boards.

6 Life Lessons I Learned From My Son About Raising Happy, Healthy Transgender Children

One mom shares her powerful lessons for parenting a transgender child.

I Chose Not To Have Kids Because I’m Afraid For The Planet

Counter to everything she ever learned growing up Mormon, Ash Sanders made the decision not to have children in an effort to do her part to save the planet.

Al Gore gives a thumbs-up as Gov. Cuomo signs climate law labeled New York’s Green New Deal

There’s no denying climate change news has been nothing but dark the last few years, but there was a brief period of sun last week when Gov. Cuomo signed New York’s Green New Deal into law, promising aggressive action over the next few decades to combat climate change.

Green New Deal 2.0: Activists revitalize UK climate change plan

The progressive think-tank Common Wealth, backed by parliament members, activists, and policymakers, has published a 10-point Green New Deal plan for the United Kingdom to transform public finance and tackle the climate emergency.