Petal’s Weekly Picks for Top Parenting for the Future Stories: Should Kids Get Mental Health Days? 6 Things Happy Families Have in Common, Getting Ahead of Kids’ Inattention Issues, Creative Ways to Manage Screen Time, How to Stop Emotional Eating, Malala’s Dad on Pushing Equality at Home, Will Robots One Day Replace us as Parents?

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As parents, we are constantly questioning whether we are doing enough for our children to ensure their success in the future. We worry about whether we are instilling in them core values such as a strong work ethic, or empathy. And with so much information coming at us, it’s hard to know sometimes where to focus our energies. Part of my mission here is to help you find the parenting content that speaks to our collective goal of raising children who will find their own voices and impact the world in their unique way. This week, I learned that  Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala’s father, Ziauddin Yousafzai has always held equality as one of his family’s core values and that he believes it is the reason for their triumph over tragedy.

I also learned this week that kids who develop a strong sense of purpose and a belief they can make an impact on the world are less likely to become emotional eaters later in life. Another article that caught my attention this week chronicled a 30-year study in the Journal of American Medical Association Psychiatry which showed that children with inattention issues are more likely to earn less money in their 30s, so researchers suggest parents get ahead of these issues now. And research led to a NY Times bestseller about 6 things the happiest families have in common.  And, these days between school and extracurricular activities, many kids are burning the candle at both ends so should they be entitled to mental health days and not just sick days? Finally, while we read about robots replacing us at work, what about at home?

Here are my picks for the top Parenting for the Future stories this week:

Your Kid Should Get Mental Health Days, Too

Kids get days off to fight strep throat or the stomach flu, so shouldn’t they get time off to preserve their mental health as well?

6 Things the Happiest Families Have In Common

The New York Times bestselling author Bruce Feiler uses evidence-based research to illustrate the six things happiest families share in common.

Teaching your kids this trait can yield a higher salary later on, a 30-year study says

According to a 30-year study published in the Journal of American Medical Association Psychiatry last month, inattentive children are more likely to earn lower salaries in their early to mid-30s. Researchers suggest getting ahead of these inattentive behaviors early to ensure your childrens’ success in the future.

8 Creative Ways to Manage Your Kids’ Screen Time

Parents offer eight creative ways to keep your kids’ technology time in check.

How to Stop Emotional Eating by Changing the World
By having a sense of purpose and a belief that you can change the world, Glen Livingston, Ph.D, says only then will you be able to finally stop emotional eating.

Malala’s dad Ziauddin: I brought my daughter up to believe in herself and in equality

In an interview with Virgin Media Television, Ziauddin Yousafzai talks about his new book “Let Her Fly” on raising Malala, and how equality was and always will be a core value in his home.

Will We Lose Our Rights as Parents Once Robots Are Better at Raising Our Kids

No parent is perfect — but does that mean that a robot programmed to care for our kids  in a way no human could will one day replace us?