Petal’s Weekly Picks for Top Parenting for the Future Stories: What The Future Looks Like for Special Needs Parents, Hiring Screen-Free Coaches, Science Says Parents Are Taking it Too Far, The Pros and Cons of Working From Home, Robots as Elder Carers, Automation and Its Impact on Jobs, How AI Rooted Out a Sexist Culture, and Humans Still Do Some Things Better than Robots.

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The old saying “Man plans and God laughs” seems to ring eerily true these days as we — and most notably our children — face many unknowns for the future. As parents , we can’t help but imagine our children’s futures once they leave our nests.  Now, more than ever, the future seems more difficult to predict and this is especially true for parents of children with special needs. I read an article this week that shed light on this very real struggle and the fact that these parents may be caring for their children throughout their lifetimes.

It is no secret that rapid advancements in technology are creating uncertainties and anxieties. Some parents are trying to reestablish control of their children’s technology by hiring coaches to help their kids go screen free. I wonder if there are coaches to help us get ready for the day when, according to a report from the World Economic Forum,  robots will care for us in old age?

And while we are on the topic of automation, there were more articles this week on how  AI is altering the face of “work,” including helping us do things like root out sexist language in the workplace.

Here are my picks for the top Parenting for the Future stories this week:

What life is really like for the parents of children with special needs once they grow up

With empty nest and retirement a less likely outcome, parents caring for children with special needs face a different looking kind of future, often compounded by health problems as a result of neglecting their own needs.

Now Some Families Are Hiring Coaches to Help Them Raise Phone-Free Children

Terrified by the steady stream of negative news about screen time and its effect on kids, parents are looking to screen time consultants to help them build a screen-free life.

Science Suggests Parents Are Taking Parenting Too Far

Calling all helicopter, lawnmower and snowplow parents — there are now more reasons why this common form of parenting can actually be detrimental, including creating anxiety in kids.

Making it all work: Balancing parenting and working from home

The pros and cons of working from home and how you can maximize both your flexibility and productivity.

A robot could be your carer in old age – but are you ready?

The future of elder care may lie in the hands of robots — but will they be up to the challenge?

What will our jobs be like in the future?

In celebration of its 100th birthday, The International Labor Organization examined how technological changes are altering the way we work so quickly that we can barely keep up.

Checking for fraud, AI rooted out one company’s sexist language

While many fear AI will soon replace humans in the workforce, it may not be all bad. Read how one company was able to identify a misogynistic culture within its ranks by using AI to evaluate thousands of documents faster than its human counterparts.

Automation has changed the future of work. What about people?

While AI and automation may outpace people at some things — there are still many things humans do better.