Petal’s Weekly Picks for Top Parenting for the Future Stories: Helping Your Kids Find Their Passions, A Magic Formula to Keep Kids Reading Through the Summer, Seven Life Skills To Ensure Your Kids Lead Happy Lives, Keeping Your Kids Safe Poolside This Summer, Simple Tricks to Make Traveling with Kids Better, How to Teach Kids to Appreciate Art, Sesame Street Tackles Financial Literacy, and How to Practice Safe Posting on Social Media.

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Summer fever is spreading like wildfire as the weather becomes warmer and the days become longer. With school about to let out, I am looking forward slowing down and escaping and I was happy to find wonderful articles on everything from poolside safety  to a magical formula for keeping our kids reading through the summer, to simple tricks for making traveling as a family more fun. Summer can also mean more time to indulge in leisure activities with our kids, and this may be a good opportunity to teach them an appreciation for art (something schools are doing less frequently), as well as important financial literacy skills like the new Sesame Street, MetLife Foundation collaborative program “Dream, Save, Do” is doing. And while we’re all excited to jump into summer and share our favorite sunny-day pics, author Robert Jay Watson of the Epoch Times reminds us to always practice safe posting on social media.

Here are my picks for the top Parenting for the Future stories this week:

How to Help Your Kids Find Their Passion

The key to helping our kids build a strong work ethic and goal-oriented “grit” later in life is to encourage them to explore many different things to help them uncover their passions.

Here’s a Magic Formula to Keep Your Kids Reading Through the Summer

Make sure your kids don’t experience the “summer slide” in their reading skills, and encourage them to keep reading through the warmer months with these tricks.

Seven Life Skills to Teach Your Kids for Them to Lead Happy Lives

According to expert Ariane De Bonvoisin, these seven critical life skills including kindness towards self, adaptability and self trust will help our children lead happier, emotionally healthier lives.

#happylife: Keep Your Kids Safe Poolside This Summer

With the dog days of summer comes the promised cool of the water. Here’s how to keep your kids swimming safe this season.

Traveling with the Kids? Boy Do we Have Some Tips for You

Traveling with kids can be amazing — until it’s not. These simple tricks can change your family vacation for the better.

How to Teach Your Kids About Art

Sadly, art curriculums in schools are shrinking or disappearing altogether leaving parents to instill a love of art in their own kids. Here, eight ways you can teach your kids to appreciate art.

Sesame Street Has a New Way to Teach About Money

Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster are teaching kids ages three to nine financial literacy in countries around the world with the “Dream, Save, Do” program which focuses on learning basic financial skills. The program is highlighting young girls and women because it is a well-known that women can help raise their families from poverty, especially in lesser developed nations.

Never Share These Photos and Information of Kids on Social Media: 5 Hacks for Parents

Practice safe posting on social media — especially when sharing pics of your kids. Disabling geo-targeting and avoiding cute bath time pics are just two ways you can ensure your photos are safe online.