Petal’s Weekly Picks for Top Parenting Stories: Early Childcare in India, Future of Work in Australia and Parenting Class in Japan

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As a parent with the goal of raising two global citizens, I find myself drawn to stories about how parents around the world are preparing their children for the future. This week, as I worked on my podcast Parenting for the Future, I took time to read about early childcare for low-income families in India, childrearing classes for Japanese high school boys and concerns about the next generation workforce in Australia. I’ve been sharing these articles — and many others — nightly on my Facebook page, Twitter feedPinterest boards and as a weekly round-up on my blog.

Here are my picks for the top parenting stories this week

Elite school students get childcare lessons to be future fathers and model husbands
All-male high schools in Japan are offering infant care classes in hope of promoting equity and preparing the young men for adulthood.

‘My Girls Are Getting a Future Here’
High quality childcare for low-income families is making a big difference in India, where many very young children still have minimal adult supervision while parents work.

Coders or carers: What will the jobs of the future be?
This column in The Sydney Morning Herald questions whether Australia is preparing the workforce it needs to be successful as a nation for the future.

Summit designed for those who want to help kids connect with nature
This summit held in Ohio inspires us to think critically about how we can get our children to experience nature and why it’s so important.

Raising Startup Children – Entrepreneur Eva Ho On Why Kids Should Work At An Early Age
This entrepreneur/VC investor says that working at her family’s business as a child set her up for success.

This Powerful Tool Helps me Turn Daily Crises into Golden Bonding Opportunities with My Children
We’re not always aware of how we communicate with our children. This Thrive Global article argues for purposeful “brain-based conversations” with our kids.

Parents’ ultimate guide to parental controls
It may sound ironic, but it’s certainly welcome: new technology to help us limit our children’s access to technology. Here is a useful guide to parental controls from Salon.

The Most Exciting Middle Grade Books of 2019
Brightly’s selection of Middle Grade books will get your 8-year-olds to twelve-year-olds reading! With so many great choices, kids are bound to find something that makes reading a pleasure rather than a chore.

Energy’s Future Is Looking Pretty Sunny
When we talk about career prospects with older children, it’s important to keep up with the latest data. Bloomberg distills the recently published 2019 U.S. Energy & Employment Report, and among the most interesting findings is that solar and wind offer the widest range of opportunities.

Your Own Childhood Can Stop You From Feeling Joy In Motherhood
A new documentary follows one mom over five years as she struggles to process her childhood trauma so that she can truly engage with her partner and kids.