Petal’s Weekly Picks for Top Parenting Stories: Arts Education, YouTube and Young Environmentalists

by | Mar 10, 2019 | Picks of the Week | 0 comments

I now have two more experts lined up for my podcast Parenting for the Future. Each guest brings something completely different to the conversation about how parents can support and guide our children to thrive in the world of the future. To prepare for these dialogues, I’ve been keeping abreast of the latest parenting news, which I enjoy sharing nightly on my Facebook page, Twitter feedPinterest boards and as a weekly round-up on my blog.

Here are my picks for the top parenting stories this week

How Economics, Child Care Policy, and Job Markets Affect Parenting Styles
The new book “Love, Money, and Parenting: How Economics Explains the Way We Raise Our Kids” examines how concerns about our children’s financial future play into the realities of parenting.

Japan to ban physical punishment of children by parents
Philosophies on disciplining children vary from culture to culture — and from family to family. Now Japan is in the process of banning physical punishment of children by parents.

Using Arts Education to Help Other Lessons Stick
The complex skills that children learn through art, music, drama and dance can help them succeed in traditional academic subjects too.

A New Dr. Seuss Book? What To Know About The Latest Release From The Famed Children’s Author
Calling all Dr. Seuss fans! His 17th posthumously published book will hit shelves in September.

Selective Mutism: an Often Misunderstood Diagnosis
Selective mutism is not about a child being shy — it’s an anxiety disorder. But with the right treatment, kids with selective mutism can thrive.

Meet the world’s first ‘minister for future generations’
Sophie Howe is Wales’ Future Generations Commissioner, which means that she is charged with making sure that political decisions don’t compromise the interests of Welsh citizens in the future.

Tech Experts Predict 13 Jobs That Will Be Automated By 2030
The Forbes Technology Council share its predictions about which jobs will be obsolete in the next five to 10 years. It’s an important reminder that our children’s career options could look quite different from ours.

HR experts share the skills they say employees will most need in the future
If you have young children asking “why” all the time, encourage them to keep asking. It could help them thrive in the workplace of the future.

Meet six environmentalists who are changing the world
These environmentalists are trying to change the world for future generations — and they’re all under 30.

A pediatrician exposes suicide tips for children hidden in videos on YouTube and YouTube Kids
A frightening reminder to make sure that you know what your children are watching on YouTube.

Why Is My Child a Poor Eater?
It can be very stressful when a child isn’t eating well. Here are some signs that it’s time to seek professional help.