Petal’s Weekly Picks for Top Parenting Stories: Math Fiction, Nature and Praising Toddlers

by | Mar 3, 2019 | Picks of the Week | 0 comments

I’m getting ready to record another podcast episode for Parenting for the Future, so I’m right on track to launch my podcast this spring! I’ve also been immersed in research and I have lots of insightful parenting articles to share with you. I’ll be posting stories nightly on my Facebook page, Twitter feed and Pinterest boards, and featuring a weekly round-up on the blog.

Here are my picks for the top parenting stories this week

Positive Parenting: Praising kids now can help them later
New research shows that praising toddlers for their efforts can have positive effects that last into elementary school and beyond.

Math Fiction Books for Gifted Children
Math fiction may sound like an oxymoron, but these books are actually a brilliant — and enjoyable — way to incorporate math into everyday reading.

Kids surrounded by greenery may grow up to be happier adults
It’s worth it to make the extra effort to get kids out in nature — even if it’s just the local park — whenever possible. A Danish study found that when children grow up surrounded by green space, they have 55% less risk of developing health problems later in life.

These are the best states for healthy babies
Zero to Three and Child Trends, non-partisan organizations focusing on early childhood, have analyzed how all 50 states measure up on promoting healthy, stable families and accessible high-quality early child care.

Living With an Introverted Child
Sometimes parents worry when a child is quiet or prefers to spend time alone. Children can be happy, well-adjusted introverts, especially when parents see their gifts and nurture them.

At ETHDenver, UNICEF Ventures Collaborates to Explore How Blockchain Can Change the World
Blockchain offers promise to revolutionize many aspects of our lives in the future. UNICEF Ventures has developed the Boost token, which aims to encourage positive action in communities by recognizing these efforts digitally.

A Model’s Dream to Break Down Barriers
Nyle DiMarco of Dancing with the Stars has been using his fame to empower the deaf community, including working on legislation to establish benchmarks to help keep deaf children on track with language acquisition.

Why in the world shouldn’t kids learn this at home? Is it really the school’s job to teach children to do laundry?’
Often schools are chastised for not teaching kids the skills that they need for the real world. But where should they draw the line?

How photos of your hands could help bring child predators to justice
“You never see faces for obvious reasons. But hands, people forget about it,” says a forensics anthropologist who is working on a computer algorithm that police can use to identify child pornographers.

10 Traits of Gifted Children
Even if your child isn’t an academic whiz, he or she may be gifted in other areas. This article from Verywell Family takes a look at the traits of giftedness.

New student group aims to expedite charity work through apps
It’s inspiring to see students using tech to help others in innovative ways.

The magic that happens when adults see other people’s kids as three-dimensional humans
This lovely essay from Washington Post asks us to stop and think about the children in our lives that aren’t our own — and to judge them a little less.