Petal’s Weekly Picks for Top Parenting Stories: Introverts, Bilingualism and Nonfiction Books for Kids

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve been engaging in conversations with friends, colleagues and experts about how we can prepare today’s kids to thrive in tomorrow’s world. As I prepare to launch my podcast, Parenting for the Future, I feel inspired knowing that many of us share the same concerns and aspirations for this generation of children.

I’m also reading lots of great parenting articles, and every week I’ll be posting my favorites on my Facebook page, Twitter feed and Pinterest boards, and on my blog.

Here are my picks for the top parenting stories this week

From Cisco to Lego: The secrets to unlocking organizational creativity
“We take children as our role models,” LEGO CEO Niels B. Christiansen said, “the way children act without any barriers.” More great insights from CEOs in this article from Fast Company.

The 20 Best Nonfiction Books for Kids
Kids love reading fantasy, but the books in this list from Woman’s Day give them a dose a reality.

Why an MIT professor says we should all learn like kindergartners if we want to succeed
When MIT professor Mitchel Resnick was asked to pick the most important invention of the last millennium twenty years ago, he said kindergarten.

10 Things Millennials Have All Wrong About Newborns (And 10 Ways They’re Breaking New Ground)
Millennial parents are doing some great things — and some not so great things. But there are many things we can learn from them as we parent for the future.

The World Needs Introverts
This is a lovely essay about how not only should we accept our children for who they are, we should accept ourselves for who we are.

Feminism and Mindfulness for Toddlers
It’s never too early to introduce topics like feminism. Check out these book suggestions from The Good Men Project.

Babies Who Hear 2 Languages At Home Develop Better Focus: Study
Teaching your child more than one language at home has far-reaching benefits.

Let Children Get Bored Again
In today’s overscheduled world, there are benefits to allowing your kids to get bored.