Petal’s Weekly Picks for Top Parenting Stories: Alexa, Resiliency and Mommy Bloggers

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I am excited to announce that I am gearing up to launch my podcast, Parenting for the Future! Every week, I’ll be sharing my picks of the most interesting and timely parenting articles on my Facebook page, Twitter feed and Pinterest boards, and on my blog.

Here are my picks for the top parenting stories this week

Parenting the Climate Change Generation
As we prepare our children for the future, we have to consider what the climate will be like in the decades to come. This New York Magazine essay ponders the environment that our children could inherit — and the kind of conversations that we might have with them about it.  

Alexa Can Help Kids With Homework, But Don’t Forget Problem-Solving Skills
Do you have an Alexa at home? NPR looks at how virtual assistants like Alexa can affect children’s learning experiences.

Six ways to raise a resilient child
Raising resilient children will be one of the key themes in my upcoming podcasts. I like the practical tips in this article from The Guardian.

These Are the Best Parenting Books
Here are Lifehacker​’s picks for best parenting books. Some excellent choices in here!

That Outrageous Mommy Blogger Who Refuses to Stop Writing About Her Kid Highlights a Key Parent-Child Generational Gap
What we write about our kids today on social media or on our blogs could affect them in the future in ways that we might not even be able to predict. Every parent who uses social media should be thinking about this.

The Adorable Story Behind Google’s “Dino Doodle”
Loved hearing the story behind this seven-year-old’s drawing that ended up being featured on Google. Creativity can blossom at unexpected moments!

What millennials are getting right with their ‘jet fighter’ parenting style
Have you heard of “jet fighter” parents? Move over, helicopter moms. There’s a new term in town.

This simple technique doubled the time parents spent reading to their children
Technology can make us better parents, and the World Economic Forum highlights one exciting example from a study in Chicago.