"The Science of Caring"
with Elissa Strauss
Season 8, Episode 7

Elissa Strauss, mother to two sons, has been a journalist, essayist, and opinion writer for over 15 years. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, The Atlantic, Glamour, Allure, and the American Prospect, among others. She has been a contributing writer for CNN, where she covered the culture and politics of parenthood, and for Slate, where she wrote on feminism and motherhood from 2011 to 2017. She was the core artistic director of Laba, a laboratory for Jewish culture in New York City. In 2020 she launched a hub in the Bay area, where she is currently the artistic director.

Elissa has her BA from University of Wisconsin, Madison, and her MA from UCLA. Elissa’s first book, “When you Care: the Unexpected Magic of Caring for Others”, delves into the history and power of care in our lives and communities, interrogates our societal obsession with going it alone, and challenges us to let ourselves be transformed by the act of caregiving. “When you Care”, has been selected by the next Big Idea Club as an April 2024 must read book.

In this Episode you will learn about:

  • How care shapes all our lives
  • How suffragists and Black feminists made remarkable gains in care through the Social
    Housekeepers Movement
  • Our addiction to independence and how it prevents us from prioritizing care
  • Our “careselves” vs. our “workselves”
  • America’s bootstrap myth and how it hurts our ability to care
  • The ramifications of the blind spot toward care
  • How you can join the fight for paid leave and other key facets of a care infrastructure
    for America

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