"Fighting for the Lives of our Transgender Kids"
with Jodie Patterson
Season 7, Episode 9

There are over 300,000 transgender children under 13 years of age in the United States.and every single one of them is under attack. Join me in conversation with Jodie Patterson, former Chair of the Human Right Campaign Foundation Board, author, activist and mom to a transgender child where we explore the transformative privilege of parenting transgender children and why fighting for their rights and protecting their ability to thrive is non-negotiable if we want a future where all our children will thrive.

Jodie Patterson is a mother of five, a writer, and activist. Formerly the chair of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation Board, she is actively involved in various organizations, including the Mount Sinai Institute for Health Equity Research Task Force, the Advisory Board of the Yachtman Institute’s Gender and Family Project, and the Advisory Board for Mount Sinai’s Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery. Recognized by the United Nations as a champion of change. Jodie started her career in the beauty industry after earning her undergraduate degree from Spelman College. Jodie is also an entrepreneur, co-founding two beauty companies.

Jodie’s journey as a mother took a significant turn when her three-year-old, initially assigned female at birth, expressed a transgender identity. This pivotal moment led Jodie to educate herself, challenge her biases, and reshape her family and community’s understanding of gender. Documenting her experience in the moving memoir “The Bold World: A Memoir of Family and Transformation,” Jodie recently released her second book, “Born and Ready: The True Story of a Boy Named Penelope,” written for children in the voice of her transgender son.

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