"Regulating Social and Digital Media"
with Jim Steyer
Season 7, Episode 7

“The truth is, Congress has so completely failed. They haven’t passed a privacy law since Mark Zuckerberg was in diapers. It’s pathetic. Shame on them! This has reshaped everybody’s lives, and they just sat there, and because of their political partisanship, the fact there’s not a federal privacy law, or laws, regulating social media platforms is a joke. Absolute abject failure of our political system in the twenty-first century.” – Jim Steyer

Jim Steyer is a father of four, a Stanford University professor and the CEO of Common Sense Media. With a foundation in law, he began his career as a law clerk and later served as a civil rights attorney for the NAACP, concurrently founding the East Palo Alto Community Law Project during law school. His dedication to education traces back to volunteering as a reading tutor in New York City public schools, and he has taught in various disadvantaged communities, emphasizing his commitment to underserved youth. Jim holds degrees from Stanford University and Stanford Law School. In the media industry, he chaired JP Kids and co-founded the Center for the Next Generation in 2012 with his brother Tom Steyer, before establishing Common Sense Media, a nonpartisan organization focused on children’s well-being. A respected author and commentator, Jim frequently appears on national TV and radio programs, showcasing a multifaceted influence that encompasses education, advocacy, and media, reflecting his lifelong dedication to the betterment of children and families.

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