"The Competencies of the Future (Part 1)"
with Stephanie Malia Kraus
Season 5, Episode 7

Stephanie Malia Krauss is mother to two children. She has an extensive background in education, youth development, and social work, and has been a teacher, coach, school leader, and nonprofit executive. Today, she works at the intersection of education, human services, and workforce development with a relentless focus on what young people need to be ready for the world and what the world needs to be ready for them.

She joins us today to discuss her fascinating new book called Making It: What Today’s Kids Need for Tomorrow’s World. The book goes beyond the question of what young people need to succeed in school, to ask what they need to be ready for life. Making It is the essential reading for anyone who wants to ensure that young people are prepared to thrive and make their unique contribution in the challenging and ever-changing world in which they will come of age.

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