"Parenting Children with ADHD"
with Dr. Rakesh Jain
Season 5, Episode 6

Dr. Rakesh Jain is stepfather to one son, a clinical professor at the Department of Psychiatry, Texas Tech University School of Medicine, and also has a private practice in Austin, Texas. Dr. Jain attended medical school at the University of Calcutta, India, and graduate school at the University of Texas School of Public Health in Houston. He served a three year residency in psychiatry at the Department of Psychiatry, a two year fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry, and completed a post doctoral fellowship in research psychiatry at the University of Texas Mental Science Institute.

Dr. Jain has been involved in well over 100 research projects studying the effects of medications on short-term and longterm treatment of depression, anxiety, pain, mood overlap disorders, ADHD and psychosis in adult and child populations. He has co-authored six books that range from patient education to cutting edge neuro biological findings in psychiatry and mental health.

He joins us today to talk about ADHD in children, and share his advice for how parents of children with ADHD can ensure their wellbeing and that of their children during these challenging times.

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