"Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids"
with Roni & Amy
Season 5, Episode 4

Roni Nocon and Amy Sage each have two children and are co-founders of ParentingEQ, a new subscription service for parents of children ages four to 11, designed to help parents nurture emotional intelligence in their children by creating a culture of emotional wellbeing in their homes.

Over the course of their careers as school counselors, they observed a decrease in children’s overall wellbeing and an increase in depression, anxiety, self-harm, and negative self-worth. They found that a child’s emotional health is greatly impacted by something over which schools have little influence, the family environment.

They join us today to discuss ParentingEQ’s mission to bridge this gap through parent-led social-emotional activities, which focuses on the emotional intelligence skills children need to lead happy and successful lives.

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