"Art, Race and the Future"
with Dr. LaNitra Berger
Season 4, Episode 12

Dr. LaNitra Berger is a mother to two sons and associate director of the African and African American Studies program at George Mason University, as well as the senior director of fellowships in the office of undergraduate education at George Mason University. As an art historian, LaNitra’s research focuses on the intersections of art and social activism in the Black and Jewish diasporas. She has taught art of the African diaspora, African American art history, South African modern art, intersections of African and Jewish diasporas, art and social activism, and racial justice and public monuments, among other courses.

She joins us on Parenting for the Future to  discuss her first phonograph, Irma Stern and the Racial Paradox of South African Modern Art: Audacities of Color, and how lessons of Irma Stern’s life can help our children become agents of change.

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