"Parenting Essentials: Personal Leadership"
with Hitendra Wadhwa
Season 2, Episode 2

Hitendra is a father to a brilliant teenage daughter who is already positively impacting her world. He is a Professor of Practice at Columbia Business School where he teaches the business school’s most popular MBA leadership class on Personal Leadership & Success, along with classes Driving Strategic Impact and Leading from the Inside Out. Hitendra is also the founder of the Mentora Institute (formerly the Institute of Personal Leadership) which is at the forefront of the new science of Personal Leadership. By integrating the latest findings about human nature from neuroscience, psychology, genetics, sociology, psychotherapy and behavioral economics with the lessons learned from the lives of great leaders in human history, the Institute teaches leaders how to achieve ever-growing Outer Impact through ever-deepening Inner Mastery. Hitendra’s widely acclaimed research and teaching on leadership have been covered by Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, Inc. Magazine, The Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, the BBC World Service and others.  As his former student, I can personally attest to the life-changing nature of his work.

Hitendra’s podcast, Intersections, features acclaimed thought leaders and practitioners reflecting on how to dissolve cultural, disciplinary and other boundaries to achieve our highest potential in life.

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