"Phenomena Shaping the Future: Cultivating Cross-Cultural Competencies through Books"
with Mijha Godfrey
Season 1, Episode 10

Mijha Godfrey, is a mother to two vivacious girls. She is a Yale Law graduate, social justice lawyer and founder of Jambo Book Club! Jambo, which means both “hello” and “welcome” in Swahili, is the only book subscription service for children aged 0 – 13 where all the books feature lead characters who are children of color. The stories in Jambo books do not contain the tired, stereotypical portrayals we too often find about children of color in literature. They focus instead on the beauty of childhood; the joys of friendship and family; the thrill of new adventures; the wonderful tapestry that is the life of a child of color.

Mijha is passionate about helping parents raise children who won’t need to be taught how to tolerate people who are different from themselves; children who embrace traditions, backgrounds and perspectives that differ from their own, as natural components of a rich and sophisticated life; children who recognize the same humanity in those who may not share their experiences, that they see in those who do.

Jambo Book Club is her invitation to parents and those with children in their lives to build cross-cultural competencies in our children, through relatable, uplifting stories.

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